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Disney’s Digital Marketing Success

disney-marketingWith more than 200 million Likes across all of its Facebook Pages, The Walt Disney Company is one of the most powerful brands around, online and off.

The Disney Consumer Products (DCP) division of the Walt Disney Company is responsible for various merchandise and licensing for different Disney properties — including leading franchises like Cars, Toy Story and Disney Princesses. DCP operates its social media presence under the name “Disney Living” and has managed to gain more than 300,000 Likes on Facebook, 29,000 followers on Twitter and 8.8 million views on YouTube in just under two years.

Disney Baby, an initiative designed to engage with parents of infants, launched its social media presence in January 2011. In less than eight months, Disney Baby has gained more 363,000 likes on Facebook, making it one of the biggest brands in its segment.

With a division like DCP, which operates on a 365-day release cycle, it’s important that the social media tactics and interactions are well crafted and well thought out. As a “brand,” Disney Living has to make sure that its actions are not impeding on the work done by a licensee or that it isn’t going into more traditional Disney franchise territory.

An area where DCP is really starting to make a name for itself is in digital publishing.

Disney tells us that in just 18 months, more than a dozen children’s book apps have launched for iOS. The company recently started publishing in the Android Market. Disney Publishing has seven out of the top 10 apps in the Paid Books category — that’s overall titles, not just children’s books.

On the eBook front, Disney Publishing has over 300 titles available and has sold more than a million eBooks through July 2011. That’s more than double what was sold in all of 2010.

Disney is also getting into Digital Comics. Now that Disney owns Marvel, the opportunity to connect with comic book readers of all ages is really enhanced.

Having more digital properties, as a division, means that DCP has more avenues to leverage in its greater social media strategy.

When Disney Living decided to change the designer of its line of Disney Fairy Tale wedding gowns, it was unsure of how the fans would react. The new line was more accessible — less expensive and less exclusive — and the team worried that existing fans would be upset with the change.

So, the Disney Living team put together a special YouTube video showing off the new gowns. The video gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look a the new line of gowns ad introduces them to the designer. The video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times, making it the most successful single YouTube video from Disney Living.

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