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Digital marketing through Pinterest-Why choose Pinterest for marketing

marketing-through-pinterestPinterest is an emerging social media website that has acquired immense popularity off late. Digital marketing through Pinterest is the best way to grow your business online. Strategic business marketers use the combined influence of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Google+ and Pinterest. Infact, Pinterest and Google+ are the most recent additions. Google has a large force working behind it but Pinterest has risen completely because of social popularity and people’s liking the concept of online image boards and pinning.

 Why to choose Pinterest for marketing

Pinterest has a lot of users from United States, Philippines, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Australia etc. As per a report, Pinterest is growing at a rate of +2956% in Germany, +1348% in Spain and +794% in Italy etc.

Pinterest is an online board that could be used to organize and share things of your choice. You can create a board on any topic and create pins by sharing the source url and fetching images from it. These pinned stories on your created boards can be viewed by many other users and the users in-turn can re-pin stuff from your board.

 Marketing action plan

Your marketing action plan would start with finding out what your client exactly wants?

Pinterest is ideal for Travel sites, Shopping sites, Recipe sites and Home improvement sites.

 Tips to pin on Pinterest

  •  Link to the original story and choose an exciting image for your pin.
  • If the chosen images entice your audience then they may link to your story.
  • Update your board regularly and get amazing stuff for your audience, keeping in mind your marketing channels.
  • Adding pins regularly would get followers to your board.
  • The more followers, the more referrals you will get to your site.

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