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Create iPhone app to build backlinks-How to build links with iphone app


iphone apps to build links

Can you believe that submitting an inexpensive iPhone app will get your website or blog high quality one-way links from Apple and over 100 other dominant websites?

Did you know that by making an iPhone app to give away that promotes your company can reach thousands of high-value potential customers every month?

Create an iPhone app and submit it to iTunes and you can develop some high quality one way links to your website along with exposing your company to thousands of new people. It is not a tough job and you need not spend a ransom on it.

 How to build your own iPhone app?

You can create a tip of the day, coupon of the day and quote of the day easily and have it made into an iPhone app for as low as $500. There are a plenty of ideas for what you could offer. Your only requirement is the text and some images. In fact, you can use minimal graphics by utilizing the same background image for all the text. Making an app is not quite simple and anyone can do it.

Select an idea that supports your business and make it entertaining, valuable and brand worthy. The app needs to have value for customers and most of your customers. You need to get your message across but your app’s first priority should be its value to the customer.

However, there are some nice branding opportunities that are not too flashy. First, when the app loads, there is a splash page that shows for a few seconds. This page should contain the app title and some information about the app. It could also serve as a quick branding message with a company logo. The main homepage is the tip of the day screen. This changes constantly every day. This is where you give your customer what they want “subtly” branded. Then there is the About Us page. This is all yours to say and show what you want.

Make your iPhone App at a low cost

You have 3 options to create an Of The day App. The first one is to purchase a script and install it on your server. The second approach is to use an Of the Day App service like Here you can build a web app using an admin backend without any knowledge of html, css or php. For under $500, your web app can be made in to a native iPhone app and submitted to iTunes.

The third option is to hire an iPhone Application Developer. You can have your app made exactly the way you want it and you can have the coding and the graphic work done by professionals. This is, of course, a more expensive option.

Do the Apple Two Step.

Once you have your app ready, you can promote it in two ways.

Step One – Submit your web app to Apples Web App directory.

Sign up for an account and submit your website. You need an icon for submitting your site. This is for people who are downloading these apps to their mobile or desktop.

Step Two – Make a Native iPhone app and submit it to iTunes App Store.

This costs money but the exposure it gives is enormous. Not only will people see and download your app by the hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times, you will also get a lot of one way links back to your main website. Check it out at iTunes. There is a link to every developer’s main site with their app. On top of that, as soon as you get accepted to iTunes, your app will begin to appear in the hundred or so app directories out there and almost all of them include the same type of homepage link.

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