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Components of a Good Blog Post

components of a good blog post

components of a Good bBlog Post

Here are certain essential components of an unforgettable blog post.

A Goal

If your writing doesn’t accomplish something, then it won’t have an impact. Flowery language and eloquent phrasing can drive a point home, but only if there’s a point to communicate. Determine what action you hope to inspire from your readers, and what value you’ll deliver to inspire that action, and better copy will flow from that focus.

A Narrative

Talking points, abstract or backed by concrete evidence, resonate with readers better when presented in a story. At our core, we are hardwired to respond to stories, more easily constructing meaning and drawing conclusions from information presented with a coherent narrative. Tap into that side of human nature, take the reader on a journey, and let your goal plan the route.

A Hook

The brain won’t venture down the path you’ve laid without a little gas in the tank, and it’s your responsibility to provide the fuel. A strong opening statement that promises value and piques interest will provide the motivation needed to keep readers following the story. Your writing is like a novel on a smaller scale: the length of a book seems much greater when the opening paragraphs fail to grab your attention.

A Promise

Internet readers visit websites for answers, and writing that fails to promise just that will see the digital waste bin before it even has a chance to impress. Be matter of fact about what you’re offering. ‘12 Tips to Make You a Better Salesperson’ will see a great deal more views than ‘Ways to Try and Improve Your Sales Pitch,’ because the latter makes no promise that the information presented will be of value.


Beneath the magic of every home run blog post are strong writing fundamentals. This includes, and relies upon, a strong structure to break complex information into understandable chunks. To this end, bulleted and numbered lists are particularly beneficial when conveying your point, because both formats clearly define the substance of the piece and enable scanning.


Good writing isn’t comprised of rote recitation. Memorable pieces don’t permit the mental downtime that leads to distractions and, consequently, failed conversions. Connect each section of your piece with elegant transitions that keep interests piqued and tie separate points seamlessly to one another. Next to boring copy, nothing turns readers off like a jarring transition, and attention is a precious commodity.


In order to obtain ‘unforgettable’ status, you’ll need to be, ipso facto, memorable. As a business blog, one of the most powerful ways to achieve this is through voice. Your writing should lend a human face to your business and letting your idiosyncrasies shine through is an excellent way to prove that you’re a human being, writing a post for other human beings. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show and remember the value of a little integrity.

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