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Common Mistakes While Hiring Freelancers

FreelancerMarketer hires a freelancer to disburden his shoulders off the work load. But the worse mistake they do is by hiring a freelancer at a crucial time. Why because, when you are in dire need of a support you tend to hire a wrong person. This is because the pressure on you will make you hire someone right away and straight on the project. If they do well, you have no problems, but if they don’t it can end up being a total disaster. So make it a practice to do small test job before you ever get a big project and use that test job to find a few good freelancers whom you can count on.

This way, when the need arises for a larger project to be done, you’ll already have someone lined up (and a backup possibly) and you won’t have to be stuck with a bad hiring decision.

Hiring the Cheapest Provider

This could be appealing, especially when you’re just starting out and want to cut costs. However, hiring the cheapest service provider hardly brings any results when it comes to the quality of work. Most freelancers (the good ones anyway) know what they are worth and they aren’t afraid to ask for it. In order to succeed, when you set up your test job, try out providers from the low, the medium and the higher price range.

There could also be new good freelancers with cheap rates, but chances are that they would also increase their rate eventually. So be ready to pay the extra, if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

Having Unclear or Ambiguous Expectations

Be clear on your requirement and convey it properly to the freelancer you have hired. No one can meet your expected standards if you are unclear of the end result. It’s also important that you are clear about what will happen if the expectations aren’t met. When you are clear about your expectations, you save a lot of time and a lot of back and forth between you and your freelancer.

The job description that you post on any ad site should be clear and well written.

Not Paying on or Answering in Time

When you zero in on a freelancer, do the payment on time, once your work gets done. One of the fastest ways to burn your bridges with a freelancer is to withhold payment for more than 24 hours after work has been submitted for review. Even if you are tied up in some busy schedules, do not make the freelancer badger you on money. If you expect them to get work to you on time, it’s only fair that you fulfil your end of the bargain by paying on time.

It’s also important to respond to their questions in a timely manner so that you can keep interruptions and delays in the project to a minimum. Remember that you also have a part in making sure that the project is completed right and completed on time, and do everything that you can to make that happen.

Accepting Fees at Face Value

There are chances that a good freelancer might bid for a higher rate for a work, In such cases try for a bargain and they might subdue.

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