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Bangalore scripts start-up success in the country

In India Bangalore continues to be a start-up hotspot.

A Learners Guide for Startup Marketers To Have An Edge With PPC

For startups, when looking for a marketing edge, many will turn to pay per click advertising (PPC) to drive instant targeted traffic to their websites and drive their online sales. As the startups begin to set up their shop, promote and sell their products, PPC can be overwhelming. Here’s the thing with PPC: it is a live-action and real-time slugfest. When a new idea is being tested before being launched in the market, there is always a time constraint to wait for a search engine campaign to kick in and deliver organic traffic. While it might seem that PPC could be pretty straightforward, it is and it isn’t. With a well-thought out, well-written campaign having the right hacks, PPC advertising can prove to be a fruitful investment to get startups off the ground, where they are using other ...

Mobile Internet in India to touch 500 million users by 2017

The number of mobile Internet users in India is projected to hit 236 million mobile Internet users by 2016, says a new IAMAI-KPMG report. It further projects that mobile internet user-base will reach 314 million by 2017. This is no surprise, considering the recent MAIT report that said, smartphone sales are in a growth mode, rising 33% during fiscal year 2014-2015. This impressive growth would drive India to become one of the leading Internet markets in the world with more than 50% of Internet user base being mobile-only Internet users. With mobile internet user base increasing significantly, the government’s Digital India Initiative leads the way, collaboration among mobile Internet ecosystem stakeholders and innovative content and service offerings from mobile-based services players. Mea...

Bangalore scripts start-up success in the country

In India, Bangalore continues to be a start-up hotspot. The city has shot up four places in the latest Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking by San Francisco-based Compass, a research firm that provides global benchmarking tools. The world’s 2nd fastest growing start-up ecosystem, has the youngest entrepreneurs, says study. Their current rankings have new entrants, cities climbing the rungs of success while those that slipped. Bangalore ranks 15 and is the only Asian city apart from Singapore to figure in the top 20. The city scores big time on exit valuations. Bangalore witnessed five times more exit value last year than it did in 2012. Across twenty startup cities, the average value was up 78 percent, so Bangalore outstripped them handily. But Berlin did even better, thanks to the IPOs ...

Search Ranking Elements for 2015: Things to Know

Couple of industries change as regularly while marketing. We’re kept on our toes constantly by audiences, technology and engines like google, among so many other outside the house factors. To continue being profitable, we have to keep up. That’s why the release of the latest Search engine Ranking Factors report is so important. The document is packed with useful data on each of the past year’s changes that affect today’s affiliate marketers. In fact, you could say there’s an excessive amount of info on offer, so we decided to pick some of the key points out of the full 45-page version to produce a more digestible overview. What’s protected? This particular report focuses in desktop-specific search, although Searchmetrics is supposed to release the mobile equivalent within the coming weeks....

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