Digital Marketing

Common SMM mistakes

During the last few years social media has entered into our lives form mere platform of communication to an influential resource of our everyday lives. This has become a super power tool for the companies and businesses to be engaged in people’s day-to-day affairs. Being an open forum, social media provides companies access to people’s preferences on brands and what they discuss , thus giving the business owners the right ways to interact with potential customers. Morever, people themselves use social media to know more about certain brands and companies. A social media can provide people/customers interactive kind of information; as a result most of the companies this day include Social Media Marketing (SMM) in their marketing strategies. SMM is not blind advertising; it uses a diverse ki...

Importance of image optimization in search engine marketing

There is a wide range of search engine optimisation techniques such as content marketing, author ranks, long form texts and link building. Amidst all these methods image optimization is easy to overlook. But it is a Himalayan blunder. Image page views are massive. According to the 2010 status the daily page views on Google Images soared to 1 billion.

SEO Challenges of 2014

The year 2013 has been tough for many of the SEO experts. Earlier version of Penguin and Panda together with the newly launched Hummingbird has shaken the conventional ideas regarding search engine marketing.

How to drive traffic to your website

Traffic on the road is a nuisance but traffic on a website is a blessing. There are umpteen ways to drive traffic both online and offline. Though some techniques are more fruitful than others, there are others which have improved and become obsolete over a period of time.  The overall conversion rate of an eCommerce website is just 3per cent, which accounts for a lot of traffic to become successful. If one webmaster survives for 100 visitors a day another may need at least 1000 for their business to run.

Evolution of social media

The transition from MySpace days of Facebook day is truly impressive. The home page of MySpace had a fancier form of email bulletins, which was similar to today’s status updates. It provided the choice to choose the “top friends” of your internet buddies. Social media was a book of mystery, and comments and messages that you post on the net made you feel accomplished.

How to design a good website

A unique and user-friendly website would attract more visitors to your website within no time. The home page of a website decides the impression it creates on any user. Missing links and errors snatch the website credibility, thus killing your business.

Facebook Marketing Strategies For Online Business Success

Facebook Marketing Strategies Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. Are you using yours in a way that will help grow your business or diminish it? Are you using the right Facebook marketing strategies that can significantly increase your online business? If you are using your Facebook page to play FarmVille and games you are missing an incredible opportunity.

Measuring SEO for Your Site Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tool If you’ve been reading much of what I’ve written over the years, you’ll know that I’m not a fan of using search engine rankings as a measure of success for SEO. Thankfully, we have much better ways to measure SEO success today, thanks to tools like Google Analytics.

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