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Biggest SEO challenges of 2014


Biggest SEO challenges of 2014

Every aspect of SEO could appear to be the biggest SEO challenges of 2014 if you are a startup. There’s a lot that goes into smart SEO; right from quality content, to website designing and coding, to organic search results, to paid search, and much more. Here is a list of some of the most bewildering SEO tactics and solutions on how to demystify each element.


According to latest Google algorithm changes content is the king. Google rewards websites with great content. So how to make your content qualify for higher rankings? Do not update contents just for the sake of it. Know your audience; write you’re your readers. Be consistent in messaging, use a specific tone and brand identity.  Do not deviate from your tone lest you will end up confusing your audience.

Quality doesn’t mean expensive, even an inexpensive video that is valuable for your customers could bring you leads.


Content doesn’t get promoted by itself. You need to know the right tactic to promote it wisely. Make use of all your existing marketing channels with current customers to seek attention to your content. This includes regular campaigning through e-mail blasts, social media integration, and correct placement on your website.

Find folks in your industry with loyal audiences that are looking for your kind of quality content. Making friends with bloggers and media folks that share related information is priceless.

Creating content typically for a website that has a large following of readers in your demographic. Customizing the content raises the odds of publication, and it is the indication of how serious you are about honoring their specific parameters and needs.

Brand Awareness

Brand identity is truly crucial for a strong SEO campaign. If you consider SEO as a short-term, one-off goal, you won’t achieve good rankings. It is wrong to assume that SEO is just about clicks, traffic and conversions. SEO is marketing, after all, and the big picture goal of marketing is always to increase your brand awareness and credibility in the eyes of consumers.


Mobile SEO and traditional SEO are two entities. Treating them the same will not only dilute your mobile results, it could diminish efforts on both sides, because Google these days are giving more credence to good quality mobile SEO tactics.

Generate contents just for the small scale mobile users. If your website doesn’t suit mobile devices, use a responsive template that is cross-browser compatible. Have a keyword strategy based on mobile trends and results. Ensure your sites, blogs, and content offerings all work flawlessly on small devices. Treat your mobile customers as an entirely different aspect of your demographic with unique needs and requirements. They are, after all, and with mobile traffic continuing to skyrocket, ignoring this area of your business could be hugely detrimental.

Apart from all these features your website should contain all targeted keywords, excellent SEO data, no broken URLs, and descriptors, and excellent site maps.

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