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Best Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile marketing has an ocean of advantages. It would be a rare occasion when a person doesn’t carry a mobile phone when he is stepping out. On an average, a person checks his mobile every few minutes for updates.

 Here are a few popular mobile marketing tools to reach custoBest-mobile-marketing-toolmers instantly.

  • MailChimp: Email marketing has always been a successful method to stay in touch with the customers and gain quick business growth. A tool that can help you to mobile-enable such programmes would be marvelous.Your wait ends now. MailChimp has added a lot of mobile features that would help you to read your email campaign stats watch out who is tweeting about you and manage your lists and subscribers from your mobile device. MailChimp also provides mobile-friendly templates for your newsletters, so your campaign appears more attractive when readers open it on their mobiles. A MailChimp customer could also savor the advantage of Chimpadeedoo services that enables a customer to sign up for your newsletter using an iPad.
  • Face book:  The recent research on Facebook by IDC shows that on an average a Smartphone user checks Facebook 14 times a day. Make full use of Facebook’s latest advertising products like Promoted Posts and Facebook Offers.
  • Red Stamp: Mark an impression with your online correspondence with RedStamp. RedStamp has recently come out with a fantastic concept of “Create Your Own Collection”. This app helps small term businesses to send custom, business cards, branded letterheads, invitations, notes and notices from desktop and mobile devices.
  • TextUs.Biz; According to a recent study by Time magazine, it was noted that 2% of people prefer to text than talk. TextUs.Biz allows companies to send and receive texts from their customers via their iPad or computer. Companies can benefit using this by sending appointment reminders to customers or sending promotional offers. This service ideally suits restaurants and small medical clinics.
  •  Swipely: Mobile functionality can simplify the task of a customer to join your loyalty program. Swipely now offers a simple “text to join” mobile loyalty program that works flawlessly with the credit or debit card consumers for making payments.

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