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Best Enterprising Tools for Freelancers

A freelancer requires a lot of enterprising tools for better performance. A freelancer requires delivering quality and timely services and products to his clients in order to grow in business. But managing a business by multitasking as worker, business head, creating invoices, billing and marketing would be extremely tough and you may fail to deliver quality work on time. To wade off such inconsistencies, you need to adopt certain enterprising tools that would help in systematizing your work, disturbance-free communication with clients and customers, automate processes and provide many other advantages. Here is a list of 10 best enterprising tools that you can go adopt to ease your workload.

freelance-tools Skype

This is a video feature application using which you can communicate with your remotely located co workers and clients. This application allows you to make voice calls, video call, send messages and share photo files and video files.  You can even make a group video call with 10 persons at a time. This application could be operated from any mobile, computer or tablet.


This is one well protected application that lets users retrieve their files and documents with ease from any kind of device be it a phone, computer or tablet. These stored files could be obtained while being online or offline. This also allows users to edit documents or add photos or play videos from any part of the world. This being smooth, fast and easy to recover, this is an application that is highly useful for storing data.


Notes needed to be created by different workers on different things. This web based application enabled their creation in an easy and hassle free manner. These notes could be conveniently edited, viewed, stored obtained for various purposes. These notes could be neatly grouped together inside customizable notebooks. Notes can be searched and filtered using tags. In case of necessity these notes could be shared among co-workers.


For any online transaction a payment gateway must be enabled. Square enables businesses to accept payments from customers using credit cards. It provides great functionality like tracking a business’ sales history, organizing its products and services, etc. Every business-related detail could be viewed effectively and checked through charts and reports. It also aids in building brand through cover photo and logo options. Customers’ credit card information is fully secured through encryption and it gets stocked in servers instead of device or reader.


Any enterprise requires fast transfer of large files from remotely located servers; FileZilla is the best tool to help you out in that. This is a secured application as all the files are secured through SSL/TLS protocol. It has a sensitive interface and consumes little space on the hard drive. It is stuffed with many key features like remote file bookmark, search and editing, a drag and drop feature and directory comparison to name a few.

Stack Exchange

StackExchange is an application that serves as a storehouse of questions and answers on diverse topics like gaming, programming, photography and many more. It enhances the knowledge base of individuals by providing them a chance to raise questions that will be answered by experts. It allows editing of questions and answers. Voting over questions enables users to assess if they are useful or not. Apart from questions and answers, blogging and chat is also available. It is an open and free platform, where anyone can become a member, ask questions and donate to the knowledge pool.


This is a web-based application that lets businesses to precisely track and assess time spent over their tasks, projects and clients. Toggl allows businesses to tag each and every time entry. Using Toggl, you can accurately bill clients and customers on the basis of hours spent over diverse tasks. Using bar and pie charts, time entries can be perfectly plotted and critically analyzed. All data related to time remains secure and intact and can be accessed from any part of the world.


Screenshots are essential for designers to store and share their works. Dribble enables designers and others to share screenshots of their work thus improving users’ prospects of being hired for prestigious assignments.


This website enables web designers/graphic designers, typographers, photographers and others to showcase their work and skills in portfolio form. This is also a website that has a significant role in further distributing users’ work to other online galleries and does a good job in promoting talent and creativity.

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