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Benefits of Using Infographics in Digital Marketing

infographicsWhat is an infographic? An infographic is a set of information or data that is been put into a visual graphic image for quicker understanding and more efficient retention. Visual marketing with means of graphics prove to be a more effective way of communication of messages than text. According to a study, 90% of information passed onto the brain is visuals as visuals are processed 60,000 times much faster in the brain than text. Internet has taken visuals into a next level and infographics are a growing part in them. There are many benefits of using infographics in online promotion. Here are a few:

People love facts and figures. Infographics can provide this info in an appealing format. Infact an infographics is much more visually attractive than a text.

Visuals create more engagement. Using infographics on your blog could increase visitor engagement. Infographics are an essential way of building links. Cheer people to share your infographics with their visitors and gain back a link to your site. With more backlinks, your site will get better ranking and better traffic. Infographics are easier to grasp than text data.  The human brain can process and remember visual information better than text.  This will certainly bring people back to your site for more information.

By using infographics and giving your visitors attractive, visually compelling information, you are increasing the chances of your infographic going viral.  Once it goes viral, your business will spiral up. Off late people are searching for infographics and the searches for infographics have gone up more than  800 percent in just two years.  Adding infographics to your marketing arsenal will get your website or blog included in that increase of traffic.

Infographics are also on the rise in social media and by combining the forces of infographics and social media, who knows how far your business could go. Social media is a fast-paced platform and using infographics will keep you moving with the best of them. All the information is right there. There is no clicking to get here or there, nothing to sign up for or add time to your readers’ visit.  People love having it all right now and providing them with informative infographics will do just that.

Though infographics appear to be graphically complicated and expertly made, you can easily make them yourself and save a lot of money.  There are sites such as where you can design and produce your own infographics for free. shows you numerous free tools for making effective infographics. You will find many more resources for making your own infographics and taking much of the strain off of your marketing and advertising budget.

Infographics will help you build a reputation as a person/website that offers attractive and easy-to-understand information and data.  The word will spread and your website or blog will jump up in the rankings and get much more traffic.

Although the wide-spread use of infographics is a fairly recent phenomenon, there is a reason for the immense popularity. Infographics can offer you an unending number of ways for your business to stay ahead of the competition. If you are looking to grow your business and make it more prominent, then infographics will surely help you and pave the road to success.


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