About Digital eXpress

Welcome to ‘Digital eXpress Magazine’ – the original and leading free magazine designed specifically for Digital Marketers. This brings its readers the biggest and freshest news in the industry and delves into the issues behind the stories.

It is firmly established as the leading source of information for the marketing community, delivering insightful analysis and powerful comment pieces from experts.

Digital Marketing can sometimes be perceived as a difficult thing to achieve great success with except for the ‘lucky few’. The team at ‘Digital eXpress Magazine’ believe success online is not difficult once the fundamentals are in place and all the correct boxes are ticked.

‘Digital Express Magazine’ will provide you with the knowledge of those fundamentals and the boxes that you need to tick to achieve success online. The content will also cater for advanced marketers with leading tips and strategies on what is working on the Internet right now.

The panel of writers for ‘Digital eXpress Magazine’ is quite diverse in it’s knowledge base. So the experience that we can draw on for the articles and content for you is quite extensive.

We aim to deliver you up to date relevant timely information on all facets of marketing on the internet from niche markets through to traffic, PPC, marketing funnels, online stores, social media, Search Engine Optimization and just about anything else you can think of.

So sit back and enjoy ‘Digital eXpress Magazine’. If you have any questions, feedback, content or advertising requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you the best of success online.

MS Kumar

Digital Marketing Strategist

& Editor –DigitalExpress Magazine

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